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John Allyn

Vice President at EDSA

I had the pleasure of working with Mike for a number of years and I have a great deal of respect for him both professionally and as a friend. He's a top notch designer and planner with a long track record of successful international and domestic projects under his watch. 

As an administrator he has always demonstrated a fastidious attention to detail and approaches everything he does with a high degree of integrity and professionalism. Mike would be an asset to any design team.

Barry Kew

Assistant Professor at Penn State

Mike was and continues to be a dedicated team player with strong vision for both large and small scale design. His enthusiasm and inviting personality help to quickly engage those around him. Mike motivated me as a colleague in graduate school, and he brings that same sense of guidance to his studio. I invited him to a two-day urban design workshop with my 3rd year design studio at Penn State, and his professional yet nurturing character provided our students the perfect combination of critique to push them forward with their own design. Mike has tremendous experience in built works that range from national to international award winning prominence. I am proud to be considered one of his colleagues and friends.

Amanda Huang  

Associate at EDSA

It has been seven years since I have known Mike Jarvis as a coworker. He is very knowledgeable about a diversity of projects in landscape architecture profession. He can work efficiently under a fast pace environment. His work includes managing projects with a team in domestic and international projects.  He is a detail oriented manager with flair for design. He can easily respond to technical problems with his strong graphic capability.  I think Mike is a deserving candidate and would be a great addition to any organization. I strongly recommend Mike Jarvis.

Rafael Amuchástegui

Principal at RAD Architecture Inc.

I have worked with Michael in many occasions and have always enjoyed his professionalism and creativity. That added to his work ethic and the quality of his ideas make him a very valuable player as a team member and leader in collaborative efforts.

Kona Gray

Principal at EDSA

Mike is very talented individual but most importantly he is a good person. We worked together at EDSA in the same design studio on many assigments ranging from projects in Bermuda to Virginia. He is a very good designer capable of taking projects from concept to implementation with ease. I would recommend Mike because he always delivers and manages to keep the most positive attitude. It was a lot of fun to work with Mike.

Evens C. Mériné

Independent Architectural Professional

I have worked with Michael on a large resort project in the Dominican Republic. I was extremely impressed with the results we achieved after only a site visit and a few workshops. Michael is dedicated to his craft and I would recommend Michael to anyone who needs a seasoned experienced landscape Architect.

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